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Menindee Lakes

Menindee Lakes Lake Tandou

Depart Broken Hill and fly to the east over the Northern end of Lake Tandou, a large dry lake bed used for growing cotton and various other crops.

You will then get a birds eye view of the Menindee Lakes System which is a series of freshwater lakes that are fed from the Darling River. The lake system has been modified to store and supply water for Broken Hill, Menindee, the Lower Darling and to water users along the Murray River.

Fly over Lake Cawndilla, past the Menindee township and then along the Darling River to Lake Wetherel. Fly over Lake Pamamaroo, past Copi Hollow and then Sunset Strip on the edge of Menindee Lake which is the largest lake before flying back to Broken Hill.

Take a look at Stephens Creek Reservoir which is one of Broken Hill’s local water supplies before orbiting over the Broken Hill township and mining operations.

Please note: due to drought there may not always be water in the Menindee Lakes.

Duration: approximately 1.5 hours.

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